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Little George Bandana

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Created by Washington based artists, Ama, these handmade designs utilize personal illustrations, graphics, patterns and symbols from Africa, Asia and Europe to “create products that are visual metaphors for [her] African American history and present experience.”

According to Ama, “This series of bandana designs uses Adinkra symbols, colors and patterns from Ghanian textiles and Haitian art, Dutch wax print fabrics, and traditional Asian and North American bandana lay-outs. Together they create a cohesive collection that speaks to adaptation, representation, and cultural evolution.”

“The Little George was a slaving ship that left the coast of West Africa in 1730. 3 days into the voyage, the Africans freed themselves and took control of the ship. They sailed the ship back home.

Rope for the captors, blue/green choppy seas and swallows to find your way back home.”
- 22" x 22"
- 100% Cotton
- Designed in Washington DC

- Limited edition

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