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Timothy Phelps

Animal Life: Nature Mandala Coloring Book

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The meditative mandalas in this coloring book celebrate the amazing biodiversity in nature: the myriad shapes and colors found in animals and the varied habitats and ecosystems in which they live. This unique coloring book by Timothy Phelps allows you to explore real and imagined specimens that live in treetops, sweeping grasslands, lush tropical forests, shimmering waters, and colorful reefs in this riff on the natural world, all from one spot. White spaces in each sketch allow artists to be creative, drawing in their own unique dots, dashes, doodles, stripes, and squiggles. Using a variety of markers, watercolors, or gel pens selectively or in any combination, armchair artists are invited to focus their thoughts and unleash their creativity.

This beautiful coloring book is the perfect gift for someone who is anxious or stressed! It is easy to get lost in your mandala art, which is why its great for relaxing and taking some personal time for yourself.

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