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Erica Skone-Rees

Adult Mask w/ Filter Pocket ~ Happy Pansies

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*These masks are made to order, please allow 7 days before shipping. 

Thank you for purchasing a handmade fabric face mask. Rare Bird is dedicated to getting people into masks to help slow COVID-19 transmission in public spaces, while reserving surgical masks and N95 respirators for medical workers on the front lines of this global public health emergency. Your purchase allows us to donate masks to essential workers and at-risk people in need AND employ local artists. Thank You! 


  • Made to order. Please allow 7 days before shipping.

  • One size fits most adults.

  • The fabric shown in this listing will be the outer fabric of your mask. The lining fabric will be randomly chosen from my quilting stash.

  • 2 layers of tightly woven pre-washed cotton. 

  • 1 pocket for a disposable filter of your choice

  • 1 Wire nose insert creates a good seal.

  • 1 elastic band that secures around the neck & head. 

  • Each mask has a seam casing / channel where the elastic feeds, you are welcome to tie the lace to make it shorter. Tip: use a safety pin to guide your fabric tie or ribbon through the channel. 

  • Hand made in a clean sewing environment with freshly washed hands. Wash mask before use.

  • For personal use only. Not eligible for return.


For maximum effectiveness, please follow these mask use guidelines:

  • Wearing a face mask is not a substitute for Sheltering in Place. Please continue to stay home as much as possible.

  • The outside of the mask is “dirty” after you have worn it in public spaces.

  • When removing the mask, do not touch the front of the mask; hold by the strings/elastic. Wash hands after removing your mask.

  • Don’t put a dirty mask in your pocket or purse -- this can transfer the virus from the mask to your clean clothes or purse.

  • Wash your mask (washing machine or hand laundry) after wearing. Water temperature doesn’t matter; it’s the soap that deactivates the virus.


This mask has a pocket for an optional filter, if you desire more coverage. The rule of thumb is: the thicker, the better, as long as you can still breathe. The tradeoff is filtration efficiency vs. breathability. In terms of household items, shop towels – those thick blue paper towels found in auto body shops, which are actually strong enough to be washed and reused – are top of the list. A few layers of regular paper towels will work tolerably well also. Cutting up a high thread-count pillow case or other tightly woven but breathable fabric for the filter pocket is another option. My research indicates that vacuum bags and air filters, while effective, could present risks of inhaling harmful fibers.


  • Mask can be washed with a load of laundry, any wash cycle, any temperature.

  • Mask can also be hand washed with plenty of soap.

  • In a pinch, putting a lightly used mask in a paper bag for 72 hours may kill the virus.

Your fabric masks were made by Erica Skone-Rees, founder & owner of Rare Bird, a creative entrepreneur, teacher of arts & meditation.  AND Thanks to YOU and all of the orders that have poured in, we were able to hire a few artists, makers and our current staff to help sew masks!! So we are now a group of 4 sewists, sewing as fast as we can. 

Thank you for doing your part to flatten the curve, and for supporting us.  We appreciate you!

May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you and your loved ones wear masks in public. 

❤️ Love, Erica + the Rare Bird Team

Here are some mask resources:


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