Project Description


ryan mcjunkin

Ryan’s primary medium is screen printing, a versatile medium that allows him to transfer images from a drawing or a digital print onto a surface, usually cotton paper or wood panels, with acrylic inks. The ability to use the same image multiple times has greatly influenced Ryan’s work, and has allowed for a great amount of experimentation within the medium of screen printing.

Butterflies are a frequent subject of the artist.  He has printed thousands of them in various species and colors, often cutting each one out with scissors and displaying them together in dizzying swarms attached to walls and objects, casting intricate shadows that overlap and change with the light. His new butterflies are printed randomly with overlapping patterns, so the resulting butterflies are all at least slightly different in terms of color and pattern, making each butterfly unique amongst the swarm.

Ryan’s work will be featured at the Rare Bird on Thursday, June 21 2012.