Project Description


ramsi metzger

Ramsi Metzger is a San Francisco-based artist. From her origins on the beaches and Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, she brought her love for jewelry design to the West Coast 3 years ago. With no formal education in Fine Arts or Design, her interest-turned-passion began with a few simple jewelry fixes. Next, it was turning the mate of a lost earring into a ring because she couldn’t bear to throw it out. From that moment on, she realized she could breathe new life in to any out-of-date of jewelry piece.

Ramsi now has her own jewelry line, Etsy site, and tables at local craft fairs. Continually inspired by broken jewelry passed on by friends, flea market finds, or items from nature, she contextualizes one-of-a-kind items into jewelry pieces that tell a story.

Ramsi’s work will be featured at the Rare Bird on Thursday, January 19 2012.