Project Description


max kauffman

“My work is a return to earlier times, a post apocalyptic d.i.y. culture, where structures and life itself are cobbled out of anything at hand. It’s making the most out of what you have and whats around you. Showing that our struggles, fears, victories and dreams haven’t changed much since the dawn of, us. Art is a release for me, a way to get things off my chest, a transference. More and more, I focus on that idea of transfer, segue, of exchange; through energy, life and death. That moment of perfect clarity or bliss, when darkness is washed away by new dawn. Hope springs.”

Currently residing in Oakland, California, Kauffman grew up in South Bend, Indiana. With frequent trips from the countryside to the city of Chicago, Kauffman developed an affinity for both the bucolic and the urban – a duality repeatedly explored in his otherworldly works. Attending Arizona State University, he received an education in ceramics and anthropology, which continues to influence his fascination with visual folklore.

Max’s work will be featured at the Rare Bird on Thursday, January 17, 2013.