kevin berne

When Kevin Berne’s intuition talks, he listens. Sometimes that voice is a whisper and sometimes it’s a shout, but whether during a high pressure commercial photo shoot or a leisurely stroll through the woods with his camera, Kevin pays attention to these signals, which often lead to surprising results.

Kevin’s first exposure to photography was from his father, an avid photography enthusiast. He further developed his talents studying photography and design at UC Davis and has been a working professional photographer in the Bay Area for the past 20 years. Kevin began photographing color and black and white landscapes during his travels using his 4×5 field camera but has now fully embraced the digital realm, as it allows him complete control of the image.

The content of his fine art work is not limited to any one subject, but is inspired by natural designs and textures as well as coincidental juxtapositions found in the man-made environment. He also loves it when an image makes him laugh, so humor is also a theme in his work. A perfect day for Kevin would involve hiking with his camera in a beautiful place and ending up having a beer with his wife and friends.

In addition to his stunning color and black and white framed fine art prints, Kevin is creating hand-assembled fine art gift cards.