Ponder Knitwear

Ponder Knitwear bloomed from designer Jillian Claire’s loom in a cabin atop a mountain deep in the forests of Big Sur. With a heart as large as the state of California and a spirit as eclectic as San Francisco, the Ponder family creates garments that are elegant yet rustic, phenomenal to touch, and crafted with methods and materials that support our commitment to living symbiotically with the Earth.

Ponder creates garments to fall in love with. They feel and look beautiful on your body, but are utilitarian. The new Digital Native collection is a fusion of attractive elements—Native American textiles and retro computer graphics inform the design of multi-purpose scarves that can function as hoods, ties, vests, and satchels. Their eco-conscious designs use cashmere, merino wool, bamboo, seacell, sasawashi, organic eco cotton, and reclaimed yarns.

Ponder Knitwear endeavors to lessen our negative impact on the planet, and heighten our impact on design. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as young, active agents dedicated to positive fundamental change for humanity on this planet. All garments are made in California by Californians.

Ponder Knitwear’s work will be featured at the Rare Bird on Thursday, October 21, 2011.

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