Kimberly Patterson

An East Bay native, Kim Patterson has been practicing photography for 15 years, after being inspired by her grandfather, who photographed all of his trips and created slide shows for the family.  He gave her his Minolta camera at age 15, when she enrolled in a photography class in high school and began her exploration of photography as the lead photographer on the school newspaper.  Kim now has a B.A. in art with an emphasis in photography from SFSU. Her photographic inspiration comes from everyday life, and from objects in their natural environment.  Most of her photos are of urban landscapes, capturing objects not generally viewed as “beautiful.”  Political rallies and public events also provide photographic opportunities to capture people in their most uninhibited moments. Today, Kim continues doing freelance jobs for friends, such as weddings, private events, and personal photo shoots. She currently showcases her work in local businesses and is the resident photographer for The Rare Bird, a Piedmont Avenue boutique and consignment store featuring local art.

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