Chuck Overton

Living in the Bay Area his entire life has had a profound effect on the style and content of Chuck Overton’s work: the content being the natural beauty of the area and the style being greatly influenced by California painters like David Park, Richard Diebenkorn, James Weeks and Terry St.John.

He describes his paintings as an interplay between the formal elements of composition and a recognizable reference to the subject matter. Where some may see a patch of weeds, Chuck  sees a compositional opportunity. He enjoys celebrating the mundane in nature by assigning it a major role in the composition and, in doing so, hopes to create fresh views of familiar objects.

Chuck’s work has been shown in many juried exhibitions throughout the Bay Area. He has sold to collectors in Phoenix, New Orleans, Sun Valley and all over California.

Chuck’s work will be featured at the Rare Bird on Thursday, July 19 2012.


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