Brittany Barrett

A Bay Area local, Brittany Barrett founded Native Drops in 2010. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable passion for creativity, her business was inspired by the requests of friends and family to make them jewelry.  Brittany is inspired by the notion of adorning oneself with beautiful jewelry in order to cultivate a feeling of self love that can be shared with the world. A self-taught jewelry designer, Brittany has traveled around the world studying cultural art and design, learning and becoming inspired by how the world’s people use their natural resources to create beautiful wearable artwork. Brittany is dedicated to creating quality handmade jewelry using natural and sustainable materials whenever possible and can often be found perusing the bins at East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, and Scrap- A Source For the Resourceful, searching for interesting objects to use in her jewelry designs. Her favorite materials are reclaimed leather, vintage lace, found objects, upcycled fabric, and feathers from humane bird farms.

Brittany’s work will be featured at Rare Bird on Thursday, September 15, 2011.

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